Guardian 3rd, Removal

Guardian is an anti-theft software for Symbian S60 mobiles. This application sends an alert SMS to a given number when an unauthorized SIM card is inserted into the mobile.  Unfortunately, its beta version 0.95 suffers from two bugs that cause the following worm-like behaviour:   the application copies itself from an MMC card to any new mobile in which the card is inserted  the application sends thousands of alert SMS messages once it considers that it has detected an unauthorized SIM card in the mobile F-Secure have given this beta version of Guardian the name “HatiHati”.


This is the cleaner for the HatiHati virus (aka guardian 0.95beta)

In the attachment you can find the stand-alone cleaner, it’s just 4kb size, so it’s suitable also for mms-delivery.
There isn’t any icon to launch the cleaner, it will start automatically on every device boot and will check for the 0.95beta version, if the beta version is found then will be automatically removed.
This cleaner will protect the user against any future “0.95beta infections”.
Note that, if you keep the same filename “g95cleaner.sis” then the cleaner will not be visibile in the installed application list, so the user will not be able to uninstall it.
If you want to give to the user the ability to uninstall the cleaner, just rename the filename with something different from “g95*.sis” Example, the filename g95beta.sis will be visibile in the installed applications list, while the betacleaner.sis will not be visibile.

Since the “Cleaner” is an Outsourced, for the sack of legalities the following disclaimer as considered:


We do not give any warranty or representation in respect of the attached applicationWE shall have no liability whatsoever in respect of any use of or reliance on the attached applicationAny use of or reliance on the attached application is entirely at the risk at the person so acting

Download the file click here g95cleaner.sis